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Kerbal Space Program | Ep.1 | Setting up the International Sweet Tea Station

{ Posted on Mar 06 2013 by }
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After many failed attempts, I manage to launch a small space station into orbit.

Minecraft Shake

{ Posted on Feb 13 2013 by }
Categories : Gaming, Videos

Sweettea14 and Mebibyte do the Harlem Shake in Minecraft.

Snack Time Ep. 1

{ Posted on Jan 27 2013 by }
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The snack today is White Fudge Covered Oreos. If you would like to suggest a snack, leave it in the comments. Remember to like and subscribe for more Snack Time episodes.

Minecraft(Cookies, TNT)

{ Posted on Dec 21 2012 by }
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Farming Simulator Front Loader Glitch

{ Posted on Dec 03 2012 by }
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I was delivering wool and as soon as I drove into the rectangle, everything went haywire. Then my front loader disappeared.

Civilization Let’s Play Episode 1

{ Posted on Jul 18 2012 by }
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The Future of Rock Bands

{ Posted on Aug 30 2010 by }
Categories : Gaming, Videos


Rock Band has become a very popular video game for the adolescents of today. But what does this mean for the future of bands? Perhaps this video may shed some light on the subject!

Kitty vs. Robot

{ Posted on Feb 25 2010 by }
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The maker of this video built a robotic arm. His girlfriend’s kitten decides to attack it. One can only guess who wins.

Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow

{ Posted on Jan 07 2010 by }
Categories : Random, Videos

If you like science and comedy, this is the guy for you.

Pop Up Office

{ Posted on Dec 28 2009 by }
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Video of a pop up office set made of cardboard. Includes a chair and a desk! Great for travel and small apartments.