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New Layout/Post Videos

{ Posted on Apr 20 2009 by }
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Okay, so I know you all think that you now know how to post videos. Well that was the old way. We now have special codes for posting videos. They  go as follows:

httpv://-for regular videos

httpvh://- for high quality videos

httpvhd://- for high definition videos such as DVD content

httpvp://- for playlists

You will just post the url to the video in the html editing spot and then add the appropriate letters used for that video. Then just add name and description. Of course you have to publish it but you should understand it. Now I would really like for one of you to try posting a video using these codes and if it doesn’t work just comment and we will figure something out.


What do you like in a website?

{ Posted on Apr 18 2009 by }
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We have said since the beginning of this year that we are gonna get a new, fresh layout.  Things just haven’t been working out. We can’t decide on what it should look like or anything. Mebibyte has been bugging me over and over about what I want from it. He also wanted to know what I wanted for the readers. I told him that I can’t read there mind so I decided to ask you. What do YOU want from this website? Just post your ideas in the comment box and we will consider all of them. We will take comments from anyone just so long as we have input of some type. Thank you for reading and please comment.

Im Zach

{ Posted on Mar 12 2009 by }
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Hi guys I am Zach, one of the sites new members. I will be writing about cool/funny videos,cool games,movies stuff like that. Kind of like Jacob but I will be writing more often, no offense Jacob.So see ya and hope to write soon.

New Layout

{ Posted on Mar 02 2009 by }
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If you would like to see our new layout just click the link above. We have not added it to the site but this is just an example of what it will look like.


DrinkThisShow Updates?

{ Posted on Feb 25 2009 by }
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Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’ve been really busy for awhile, leaving us with little time to work on the site. Well, that should be ending soon. Work will begin soon on a redesign specifically made for us, and figuring out what we should be writing about. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for future updates. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!


Service Change! Sorry!

{ Posted on Sep 20 2008 by }
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If you visited the site between 6 and 6:30 PM CST, then you might have seen that the site was down… Sorry about that! I was just switching services and had to think of something to put up so I could start.

Anyway, enough of that. Let me explain whats new. First of all,  we can finally get a better layout. The previous layout was okay, but it had it’s problems. The current layout is just a stand-in until I can find a better one, or make one.

The next thing that this new service brings to the table is the customization that we have always wanted! We will be able to add widgets, feed buttons, Social Media buttons, and lots of great new stuff!

The final thing is really just a back-end improvement for us. The old service was pretty complicated and not that pretty. But this brand new one gives us that great new-car like smell. Awww…

Be sure to check back often as we move into this new program, and watch out for the new content!