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Prometheus Rant

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I want to watch Prometheus, but now all these kids are seeing it without having seen Alien or any of the other movies.

I figure they are seeing it because they believe it’s the hip thing to do.

This sort of makes me not want to see it.

Alien, and a lot of older sci-fi/horror films, are considering boring by today’s standards.

We can thank people like Michael Bay for this with his five-thousand explosions in a movie along with all kinds of bullshit.

Back in the day, there was more of a story and more suspense.
Then there was an action scene thrown in here and there.

I’m sort of afraid that Prometheus will have a lot of action scenes, considering what I’ve seen in the trailers.

This sort of thing is hip with the youngsters. I’ve seen numerous Facebook posts about people going to see the movie.

I will admit, I just saw Alien for the first time this year. I saw Aliens only yesterday (6/13/12).

So, I am also a latecomer to the series. But the difference is that I have put forth the effort to watch the original series before going to watch the prequel. (I have Alien 3 right now and Alien 4 is in my Netflix queue)

I don’t know if it’s the wannabe hipster in me or something else.

I just always seem to hate when the mass population starts to like something old just because there is a remake of it or it was on some TV show.

I had known about Alien for many years, since I was a wee child and rode the Great American Movie Ride at Disney World.

Yet I never really showed an interest for it. I have never been a fan of scary movies, and my parents never let me see R rated films as a child.

I remember a lot of my classmates going to see Alien vs. Predator while in fifth grade. The way I was raised led me to believe that their parents were rednecks or scumbags that didn’t care about exposing their children to bad things. This is why I never tried to watch Alien before.

So when the first preview for Prometheus came out, Reddit went crazy over it. I had to find out what the fuss was about. I believe the first trailer I saw was the one introducing Michael Fassbender’s character, the android.

I loved the way the trailer was shot. The framing, the set, and the dialogue were amazing. That trailer made me very much want to see the movie, though I still didn’t rush to watch Alien.

It took another trailer before I decided to watch Alien. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing it was. It was simple and minimalist compared to today’s action/horror films. Yet it was very gripping and kept me worrying about the characters. I don’t know if I find that many more in today’s movies (Besides indie films).

Obviously I became very eager to see Prometheus. But as time as gone on, I’m beginning to worry that it may have been affected by mankind’s lust for violence and action.

Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s an amazing movie.

The whole point of this is that I don’t think you should be allowed to see this prequel without seeing the original at least. The sequels I’m not so worried about.

This isn’t the kind of series like Die Hard or Fast and Furious. This is like Kill Bill or even Harry Potter.

It tells a story that travels across all the movies. It’s not just a series with the same characters traveling through mostly unrelated stories.

In Alien, they land on a planet and find a crashed ship which contains the alien eggs. Then in Aliens, there is a colony on that planet and they again discover that ship. Prometheus is the story of why that ship crashed and the events leading up to it and afterwards, I suppose.

So, for a person that has seen Alien, it will be another piece to the puzzle. Yet for someone that hasn’t seen it, it’s just a movie about an alien ship being crashed on a planet because it contains the, “Alien” eggs. They will know nothing of the terrors those eggs have caused Ripley.

I find that to be sad. There are two things that could happen. This movie could inspire that person to learn more about the story and thus watch the original.
Or, they could just watch it, say it was a good movie, maybe even their favorite (at least until they see another movie), then never think about the series again.

Hopefully it will be the first. I would love for people to discover how great it is. Though I’m afraid a lot of the hip kids will do the latter. Well, we shall see.

Tyler Goss

tl:dr I don’t like that kids are watching Prometheus without seeing Alien beforehand.

Freakonomics Adventure

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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new movie out called Freakonomics. It is based on the best-selling book Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. One is an economist and the other is a journalist. Together they “explore the hidden side of everything”.

I became aware of this book early in 2010 when Lifehacker featured a free autographed sticker, signed by the authors of Freakonomics, in their Deals of the Week. I decided to get the autograph for the heck of it. After it sat on my desk for a few months, I decided I needed to do something with it. I figured, why don’t I just by the book and put it inside? I purchased the book and as soon as it arrived I placed the sticker neatly inside. Then I began reading. This book caught my attention immediately with its comparisons of a school teacher and a sumo wrestler and the comparison of the Ku Klux Klan to a group of real-estate agents. I didn’t have any experience or much prior knowledge about the economics before reading this book but it is not required to enjoy this book. I consider it one of the best non-fiction books of this decade and my personal favorite.

When I first heard about the movie, I became very excited. I was talking to a friend one day while she was browsing iTunes movies and she was listing off the Top 10. When she read Freakonomics I questioned her about it. I said, “That isn’t a movie. That is a book. Are you sure you aren’t looking at audiobooks or something?” She affirmed that she was looking at the movies. I opened up a website on my iPhone that has a list of every movie coming out this year and even next. I scanned the dates until I found it on October 1st. At this point it was still September. I asked, “Are you sure it’s not just a trailer for the movie or a short clip? The movie doesn’t come out until October 1st.”

“It says I can rent the full movie now,” my friend said.

I am baffled by this but I neglect to check it out for myself or do anymore research. Until, I see a post on Twitter by @AOTS that gives a link to an interview of Morgan Spurlock about the movie Freakonomics. I click on the link right away and in the interview, Morgan tells that the movie was released on iTunes and demand prior to the theatrical release just to see what happens. I find that to be a pretty cool idea but I decide I’ll wait to see it in theaters.

The next day I was in my Economics class and I brought it up in conversation. Next thing I know, the girl who sits besides me tells me that she wants to go see it. That brought up two huge surprises. One that she would want to go see it with me and two that she actually knew about it. She had never read the book but she had wanted to. So we decided to go see it the weekend after release since I already had plans for the weekend of its release. There are a couple other people who want to go, so we start making plans. We finally get to the point of decided where we will go to watch it. I pull up the theaters in my area and begin to look but I can’t find anything. Then I start checking for other theaters but still find nothing. I finally decide to search for the movie and I find its website and there is a link to theaters. It is a short list and I scan through it looking for one in Georgia. I find it. It is the Midtown Art Cinema 8. The heck if I knew where that was and I was definitely not going all the way to Atlanta to see it.

After some debate with my friends that wanted to see the movie, we come up with an idea. I happen to have a basement with a projection screen, four theater seats, and best of all, an Apple TV. Yes, that’s right. We have decided to rent the movie. It only costs $7.99 and that is way cheaper than paying for a movie ticket. I figure if my friends each pitch in $2 then it will be paid for and it is a better deal for everyone. This plan is going down this coming Saturday on October 9th, 2010. This post started out in my head as a review but it turned into something completely different. To make up for it, I’ll have a review by the end of next week. Good day.