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Sony Press Conference at E3 2009

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I wasn’t that excited waiting for the Song Press Conference to start, seeing as I don’t have a PS3, or PSP; but I still was curious what surprises Sony would throw on the table, and how they would top off Microsoft’s conference.  I went into it opened minded, and was pretty pleased by the time it ended.

Sony opened up the presentation with showing a short gameplay video of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.  I haven’t played the original, but what they showed looked very cinematic, and pushed me a little bit closer to buying a PS3.  If that wasn’t enough, then they showed MAG, a FPS game that allows up to 256 players to play together at once.  I’ve heard about PS3 games that allowed a lot of people to play simultaneously, but MAG really makes me want a PS3 as opposed to 8 player games I’m used to.  I’m not sure why, but after Sony finished showing off MAG, they announced a Hannah Montana bundle coming, alongside a lilac PSP, the crowd went crazy, as if something like Resistance 3 was announced.  Am I missing something?

Sony also revealed it’s new PSP Go(SURPRISE, huh?)  That’s half the size of the normal PSP.  While I like how it’s a lot smaller, and more portable, that added $80 onto the price of what the normal PSP is, would be the only reason I wouldn’t buy it.  And no real surprise, Kojima revealed a new MGS game exclusive to the PSP.  Personally, I just think it’s done to help relieve the fact that MGS is being brought to 360.  There was also some racing game shown on the PSP Go by some nervous Asian guy that needed a translator; I wasn’t that interested in it.

OH WOW, is there some middle man that goes between Microsoft and Sony and tips off ideas?  Both of them showed off a new motion controller(Or lack thereof) pretty similar in concept.  Between the two, I’m leaning more towards the one Sony showed off more than Microsoft.  I may have a 360, but I see less limitations with actually being able to hold a “controller” with what Sony showed.  Really, how am I supposed to move forward, and turn around in games with Natal?  I think(correct me if I’m wrong) Sony’s had directional pads on the controller they had, and could move around in the tech demo they showed.

There was something shown quickly about a new Resident Evil game coming to the PSP for the first time, but nothing other than an announcement.  Same goes for a new game called Agent from Rockstar, and Sony says it’ll have the same impact at GTA had.

We got a trailer of Assassins Creed II from Ubisofts press conference last night, that looked great, and was shown again today, during Sonys conference, but followed by actual gameplay.  I’m loving the way AC II plays, it’s more fluid than the original, and hopefully I won’t have to trek 10thousand miles from the start of the mission, to my target again.

Sony also showed a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, but I’m still not THAT interested in it, I didn’t like the combat system from XII, but I think, from the way it looks, they changed it back to how it used to be, turn based.  Hopefully.  OH WAIT, SURPRISE, same thing that they did with MGS, Sony revealed Final Fantasy XIV exclusive to the PS3, trying to get back at Microsoft for making XIII go multiplatform.  Downside, it’s just another Final Fantasy online game; I heard bad reviews of XI(was that the online one?) so we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. CHOCOBOS CHOCOBOS CHOCOBOS

So Project Trico was finally given a name, The Last Guardian, and they showed a trailer of it that was scene by scene identical to the one they showed a few years ago at the GDC, only that they updated everything, and made it look prettier.  I never played Ico, or Shadow of the Colossus, but I everyone who has played it, loves it apparently, so I’ll keep my mind open about this game.  Looks cute at least.

And Gran Turismo 5 was revealed, but again, I don’t care for racing games, so moving on.

God of War III gameplay was shown, and I’m pretty interested in it; I never played a God of What game before, but it looks pretty good.

Aaaaand that wraps up the Sony Press Conference.  It was better than last year, at least we’re actually getting games now, and no more of this, “Just give us one more year guys”.  There weren’t that many surprises, but that’s coming from a 360 user, so I don’t guess my opinion carries any weight.  The motion controller probably would have been more of a surprise, if we hadn’t seen Microsoft do something similar the day before.  Well, now that the press conferences are out of the way, time to watch E3.

And maybe actually see something of I Am Alive.