Reflection is a 2D platformer with a unique twist created in just 48 hours for the Bacon Game Jam. The topic of the game jam was Reverse Perspective. After brainstorming for a few hours, we came up with the idea for Reflection.

Players control Clyde Ferguson, a Scottish adventurer, who has stumbled into a peculiar factory. These strange rooms are split in half by a barrier and the only way to get to the other side is to reflect yourself. Use your new power of reflection to grab the key and unlock the door to move one step closer to escaping the factory!
Title Screen

Download Demo or Purchase from Selllbox

Requires Java 7 to play.

AD/Left-Right Arrow Keys: Side Movement
WS/Up-Down Arrow Keys: Ladder Movement
E/Shift: Reflect
Space: Jump
W/Up Arrow Key: Enter Door (with key)

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