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Team Fortress 2 Episode 1

{ Posted on Jul 22 2012 by }
Categories : Gaming

Tyler, Zach, and Jacob of the Drink This Show team play TF2.

Civilization Let’s Play Episode 1

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Categories : Gaming, Videos

Midnight Shift Episode 1 – Pilot

{ Posted on Jul 16 2012 by }
Categories : Podcasts

Welcome to the first episode of our first podcast, Midnight Shift!

In this episode, Tyler and Jacob discuss numbers and letters. Tyler discusses things that rustle his jimmies and Jacob discusses his job.

What rustles Tyler’s jimmies?

  • When people leave the toilet lid up
  • Bad Drivers
  • Reposts on Reddit
  • Many other things discussed throughout the podcast

Jacob’s Job

  • It’s mostly about poop

Thanks for checking it out, and leave a comment below with any suggestions!