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Now you may have stumbled upon this page and you are thinking this is going to be a movie review…but it’s not. This is actually about the future of the internet. After seeing the movie, I have been wondering about the new possibilities on the internet. I mean, do we already have everything we need or is there more? What new sites will come about in this new decade? Will Facebook and Twitter eventually fall prey to a newer and better social network?

These are the questions I have been asking myself. Right now it seems like everything is perfect and nothing new needs to be created. We go to Facebook to catch up with our friends, YouTube to watches videos of anything and everything, Twitter to read what celebrities have to say, Pandora to listen to free music, Kongregate for free games, and numerous other sites to get all of our media and social needs. What more could we possibly ask for? We may have reached the point to where nothing new can be created but only the old can be made better. That is the way everything works. The car was invented once, we make improvements. The television was invented once, we make improvements. This is what will soon happen to the internet.

The internet is becoming like America. When America was in its early years, there were a lot of small businesses and that lasted up into the last century. Now the majority of things are run by “Big Business”. The internet is just the same, there are several large websites that gather the majority of the traffic on the internet. If you were to ask a random person walking down the street about different websites, they would most likely know the big ones like Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Would they know about Lifehacker, Fluther, or Woot? Probably not. Granted, these sites do get a lot of traffic but not the kind that the big names get. Then when you take blogs made by the everyday person, they barely get any traffic and that is because people spend all of their time looking at videos of cats doing random cute things. The big man is putting the little man down. That even happens on YouTube itself but I’m not going to get into that.

The point of this post is to inspire you creative people out there to come up with a new idea and help change the internet once again. If you think that this is it then nothing new will ever come about. I don’t care if you don’t think you are good enough or if your site looks crappy. Pursue your dreams and be confident. Facebook looked like shit when it first launched but look how popular it is now. Get out there and create something new for me, the world, and most importantly you.

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