The Future of Motion Control in Gaming

{ Posted on Jun 03 2009 by }
Categories : Gaming, Tech

This year at E3, the Big Three all announced some form of motion control in the near future. I think they all have their pros and cons.

Project Natal looked very nice at E3, but it did appear to have it’s problems. The facial recognition seemed to work well, and the breakout type game did too. But the avatar movement seemed like it broke at times.

Nintendo has talked about the Wii Motion Plus for awhile now, and it does seem like it may be worth it, especially if they package it with a good game like Wii Play. The fact that it’s not backwards compatible is a bit stupid, but it is about time they improved the control.

I loved the original Eye Toy, and this seems just as amazing. The 1:1 movement worked well, and the many demonstrations of it all looked great! There weren’t many things that seemed broken with it, but they could go the wrong way.

Every company seems to be bringing their all with this technology, so it will be very interesting to see which succeeds and which doesn’t do as well. Seeing as I have already invested in the Wii, I think the Motion Plus will add a lot to the immersion of the game. However, I like where Microsoft is heading, and a lot of my friends have 360’s, and I wouldn’t mind whooping them at a game of breakout!

Which company do you think is bringing the best motion control technology to the gamers? Leave a comment below with you thoughts!