Palm Pre: First Impressions

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I would like to say up front that I am currently an AT&T Customer. I do not own an iPhone, but I do own an iPod Touch, and an LG Vu. So switching to sprint and buying a Palm Pre is currently not something I can do easily.

Palm Pre JPG

I was able to get my hands on a demo Palm Pre today and got to play around with it. It has a nice bulk to it, and is smaller than the iPhone 3G, but it is a bit thicker to house the sliding keyboard. The weight of it wasn’t really bad, and I could see using it for long periods of time.

The touch screen worked well, and the OS was very sleek and intuitive. Multiple applications worked amazingly, and I noticed very little slow down with about 5-6 apps running. The app store is pretty bare right now, but does have a good selection of fun and useful apps.

The keyboard was also really good quality, much better than on the G1. The keys are small, but seem to be usable for simple text entry. The sliding seemed awkward at first, but I’m sure it would be easy to get used to.

I did not have to time to look into any customization or settings, so I don’t know what can be changed about the touch screen, keyboard, or the OS itself. I would have to guess the ability to change brightness.

Overall, I think the Palm Pre will definitely help Palm to stay afloat in the post-iPhone market, or at least the phone OS development market. If you are currently on Sprint and really want an iPhone like (or better?) experience, then the Palm Pre is definitely the phone to get!

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