Nintendo at E3 2009

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This year at E3, Nintendo showed their deep love for their core gamers that have been with them for years. With a whole set of new Mario games, a Metroid game, and Wii Motion plus games, they have given a little something for everyone. The following is some of the things I thought really stood out during the Nintendo Presentation. If you thought something else was really outstanding, leave a comment below!


  • New Super Mario Bros. for Wii – With the Co-Op Multiplayer, it really brings a new feeling of teamwork to the game, and the bubbles are a great way to bring back friends. The many new items, such as the propeller suit also look like a lot of fun. The rankings looked good, but I think they should look into online multiplayer, if they haven’t already.
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – I loved the original Mario & Luigi, and the story of this new game seems just as thrilling. Mario and pals becoming micro sized and going inside the big bad guy himself just sounds like a great Mario game. Can’t wait for this one.
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Allowing players to create their own levels should be awesome in this game, and it should bring a lot of new gameplay strategies.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Yoshi looks like a great addition to the game, and all the techniques and strategies he adds looked awesome. The original was a great game, and this looks like it will continue to be great.

Wii Fit and Motion Plus:

  • Wii Fit plus – I really wanted to be able to just put together a routine in Wii Fit, and not have to worry about going through menus. So I am very happy that Nintendo will be adding it to Wii Fit Plus. Also, adding useful information such as total calories burned will give Wii Fit a lot more use. Even the new games look outstanding.
  • Wii Sports Resort – The variety of new games looks awesome, and the welcome scenario/tutorial Skydive looked great. The other games showcased, archery and basketball, looked amazing with the Wii Motion Plus.
  • Other Wii Motion Plus Games – Nintendo and other Third Party developers are bringing a lot of new games that take advantage of the Wii Motion plus, and they are looking awesome.

Nintendo DSi:

  • Nintendo DSi Software – Similiar to Microsoft, Nintendo is going to allow users to share pictures they take and manipulate on the DSi straight to Facebook.
  • Wario Ware DIY – Again, allowing the players to create their own Wario Ware Mini-games is an awesome idea.
  • RPG’s Galore – From Final Fantasy, to Golden Sun, a tun of RPG’s are coming out for the DSi soon! Even a few mystery games. All this quality content and hours of game time will really bring the DSi into the commutes of many people.


  • Metroid: Other M – Nintendo made a huge splash by announcing their partnership with Team Ninja on the new Metroid game, and it looks awesome.
  • Third Party Shooters – The Conduit, Resident Evil, and Dead Space all look like very fast pace and action packed games with great potential to be incredible games. Being on the Wii will allow these games to bring the players into the story and action very effectively.

I think Nintendo made a great presentation this year, and am very glad they made so many games for the core players. I really wanted to see a Kid Icarus game, or a new Pikmin, but with all the Mario games, I think I can find something great to play.

What did you think of the Nintendo Presentation this year? And what do you think about the Vitality Sensor? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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