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What is Fluther?

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I don’t know if you know but there is this site called

Basically what you do is ask questions and get answers. You may think, “Well can’t I just go to Yahoo Answers?”. Well the Fluther community is way better. If you spend a few days using it you will start seeing the same people asking questions and answering them. You can also add certain people to your own Fluther so it is basically like a friends list.

They also have this thing called Lurve. It is just a number you get for participating in the community. You get 1 point for each consecutive day you visit the site. For the rest of the points you have to depend on other users. If you ask a really good question or give a very good answer and another user thinks the same then they can mark it as being good and you get 5 more Lurve points.

When setting up your account it asks you for your hobbies and other things you know about. It will use that information to find questions that are perfect for you. Then if you run out of questions you can alternatively view all questions. Once you answer a question it will follow that question and each time it gets a reply you will be given an alert.

I started last year but didn’t get into it. I went back a few days ago and I am now addicted. You should definitely go check it out. If i missed anything please comment and I will add it.

iPhone 3Gs: Why would anyone buy it?

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The newest iPhone from Apple has been announced: The iPhone 3G S. They are advertising it as “The Fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.” But what does this new device bring to the table? Let’s take a look:


The new iPhone 3G S is offered in the same 16GB version, but it is also offered in a new 32GB version. So if you found yourself unable to hold all of your music, photos, videos, and applications, this is definitely a plus!

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The 3G iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera, which can not Autofocus or record video. The new 3G S has been upgraded with a 3 megapixel camera, with video recording capabilities and Autofocus. This is also a useful upgrade.

New Features

The only other things the new 3G S is offering is a compass, “better” battery life, improved performance, and voice control. Every other new feature, such as Copy & Paste, Search, Voice Memos, Landscape Keyboard, and MMS are also available on the iPhone 3G with the 3.0 software (although, it can’t send video like the 3G S).

Developer API’s

Apple is releasing a load of new API’s that will allow developers to add many new features to applications. Some of these are Peer-to-Peer gaming, Tom-Tom Navigation, and peripherals.


Apple has added the ability to send MMS and tethering, but AT&T has said that they are afraid their network will not be able to support these features until “late Summer”.


If you currently own the iPhone, I would recommend you upgrade to the 3G S if you liked your iPhone even a little. The new features are definitely a huge improvement! Although, if you don’t want to spend the $199/$299 price for the few newer features, it would still be smart to buy the iPhone 3G at the new $99 price.

But if you currently own the 3G, I don’t think you should hop on to the new Apple product bandwagon quite yet. A lot of the new features are coming to the 3G in the 3.0 software update, and some of those features won’t work until late Summer, when AT&T have said that they will allow tethering and MMS. Also, the few new features that are offered with the 3G S might not be worth $199/$299. You might be better off keeping your current plan, if you don’t have the upgrade necessary to get the “cheaper” price.

Palm Pre: First Impressions

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I would like to say up front that I am currently an AT&T Customer. I do not own an iPhone, but I do own an iPod Touch, and an LG Vu. So switching to sprint and buying a Palm Pre is currently not something I can do easily.

Palm Pre JPG

I was able to get my hands on a demo Palm Pre today and got to play around with it. It has a nice bulk to it, and is smaller than the iPhone 3G, but it is a bit thicker to house the sliding keyboard. The weight of it wasn’t really bad, and I could see using it for long periods of time.

The touch screen worked well, and the OS was very sleek and intuitive. Multiple applications worked amazingly, and I noticed very little slow down with about 5-6 apps running. The app store is pretty bare right now, but does have a good selection of fun and useful apps.

The keyboard was also really good quality, much better than on the G1. The keys are small, but seem to be usable for simple text entry. The sliding seemed awkward at first, but I’m sure it would be easy to get used to.

I did not have to time to look into any customization or settings, so I don’t know what can be changed about the touch screen, keyboard, or the OS itself. I would have to guess the ability to change brightness.

Overall, I think the Palm Pre will definitely help Palm to stay afloat in the post-iPhone market, or at least the phone OS development market. If you are currently on Sprint and really want an iPhone like (or better?) experience, then the Palm Pre is definitely the phone to get!

iPhone 3G Price Drops to $99

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In case you didn’t know Apple Inc. cut the price of the iPhone and dropped some laptops by $300. Those of you that don’t have an iPhone may think that now is the time to get one. But just as you should expect from Apple, they unveiled a new model called the 3G S. It will include a faster processor, and internal compass, improved photo camera, and best of all a video camera. A 16-gigabyte version of the 3G S will cost $199 and a 32-gigabyte model will be $299. The new versions will be released on June 19 just as the 2-year contracts for the original buyers will expire. Apple is hoping that the new more expensive versions will draw you in with their new features instead of the older 3G models which are cheaper. So if you don’t really care to have all of the new features then your best bet would be to go for the older 3G model and save $100.

Joe Jonas Puts a Ring On It

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Joe Jonas dances to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song. This is really funny. I don’t like the song but the video is just too funny.

The Future of Motion Control in Gaming

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This year at E3, the Big Three all announced some form of motion control in the near future. I think they all have their pros and cons.

Project Natal looked very nice at E3, but it did appear to have it’s problems. The facial recognition seemed to work well, and the breakout type game did too. But the avatar movement seemed like it broke at times.

Nintendo has talked about the Wii Motion Plus for awhile now, and it does seem like it may be worth it, especially if they package it with a good game like Wii Play. The fact that it’s not backwards compatible is a bit stupid, but it is about time they improved the control.

I loved the original Eye Toy, and this seems just as amazing. The 1:1 movement worked well, and the many demonstrations of it all looked great! There weren’t many things that seemed broken with it, but they could go the wrong way.

Every company seems to be bringing their all with this technology, so it will be very interesting to see which succeeds and which doesn’t do as well. Seeing as I have already invested in the Wii, I think the Motion Plus will add a lot to the immersion of the game. However, I like where Microsoft is heading, and a lot of my friends have 360’s, and I wouldn’t mind whooping them at a game of breakout!

Which company do you think is bringing the best motion control technology to the gamers? Leave a comment below with you thoughts!

Halo 3: ODST E3 2009 Trailer [HQ]

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Assassins Creed 2 E3 2009 Trailer [HQ]

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Alan Wake E3 2009 Trailer [HQ]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2009 Jedi vs. Sith Trailer

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