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Mario Kart Wii helps High Schoolers learn to drive

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How do you teach kids that texting while driving is dangerous? One school thinks using Mario Kart Wii is the answer. Colorado’s Vail Christian High School has introduced the “distracted and drowsy driving program,” in which kids play Mario Kart Wii while answering and sending text messages, in order to see how phone use adversely affects driving skill. As a bonus, the program teaches awareness of hazards like banana peels and turtle shells!

The program, which also includes deterrents like a chair that simulates a 5MPH collision and a golf cart that simulates drunk driving, is part of Vail Christian’s entry in a National Organization for Youth Safety contest. The school stands to win a $10,000 award if its program wins.


Give a Squirrel A Helping Hand

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What if Jesus lived in our time period?

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