BattleForge (PC)

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BattleForge box art


Release Date: March 23, 2009

EA Phenomic/Electronic Arts

Genre: Real-time strategy

Game Summary: You build a deck of cards that you can purchase through a micro-payment system. In battle, you play these cards to summon monsters, buildings, and spells. You then must command your army to complete objectives.

Demo Summary: The demo for BattleForge is a great way to see if you will like this game. You are given access to 3 single player missions, and 2 multiplayer missions, which you can play with up to 3 other players.

Graphics: The graphics of BattleForge are nice. The monsters look awesome and the diversity is great. The battle field and buildings are also beautiful, and definitely compliment gameplay.

Sounds: The music and sounds are nice, and provide a nice ambiance to the killing of other creatures.

Gameplay: In order to spawn creatures, buildings, or cast spells, you need 2 things. Energy and Orbs. Energy is obtained from two sources: Energy wells found throughout the map, and the void, which is where your creatures go when they die. Orbs come from monuments also found throughout the map. When spawning a creature, if it is not placed next to a energy well or orb monument, it will be dazed, and will have half health and be unable to use any special abilities for a while. Being able to purchase packs of cards was a great idea, but may not work out well if you can only really win if you buy a lot of packs. But, this is countered by the fact that after completing a mission, you can get a few random cards, boosting the power of your deck.

Overall: BattleForge is a nice game, and because it came out on steam recently, it has become available to a much wider range of players, meaning the multiplayer will only get better. Definitely try out the demo on Steam if you even think you might like this game!

Score: 8/10

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