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Shirt.Woot Random Shirts 4/23/2009

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Microsoft Envisions the Future

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Microsoft has made two videos with their envisions of the future.

The first video shows a boutique and showcases pictures, contacts, and graphical works.


The second video shows the design process of a room.


What do you think of Microsoft’s Envisions for the Future? Leave a comment!

Daily Life

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I know this is how my daily life goes and I’m pretty sure it is the same for the rest of the people working at Drinkthisshow.

Peanut Butter Face Discusses Sri Lanka

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BattleForge (PC)

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BattleForge box art


Release Date: March 23, 2009

EA Phenomic/Electronic Arts

Genre: Real-time strategy

Game Summary: You build a deck of cards that you can purchase through a micro-payment system. In battle, you play these cards to summon monsters, buildings, and spells. You then must command your army to complete objectives.

Demo Summary: The demo for BattleForge is a great way to see if you will like this game. You are given access to 3 single player missions, and 2 multiplayer missions, which you can play with up to 3 other players.

Graphics: The graphics of BattleForge are nice. The monsters look awesome and the diversity is great. The battle field and buildings are also beautiful, and definitely compliment gameplay.

Sounds: The music and sounds are nice, and provide a nice ambiance to the killing of other creatures.

Gameplay: In order to spawn creatures, buildings, or cast spells, you need 2 things. Energy and Orbs. Energy is obtained from two sources: Energy wells found throughout the map, and the void, which is where your creatures go when they die. Orbs come from monuments also found throughout the map. When spawning a creature, if it is not placed next to a energy well or orb monument, it will be dazed, and will have half health and be unable to use any special abilities for a while. Being able to purchase packs of cards was a great idea, but may not work out well if you can only really win if you buy a lot of packs. But, this is countered by the fact that after completing a mission, you can get a few random cards, boosting the power of your deck.

Overall: BattleForge is a nice game, and because it came out on steam recently, it has become available to a much wider range of players, meaning the multiplayer will only get better. Definitely try out the demo on Steam if you even think you might like this game!

Score: 8/10

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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I just finished reading The End by Lemony Snicket. I own and have read every book of the series. I have read The Unauthorized Autobiography and I still need to read The Beatrice Letters. I will admit that it took me a long time to read the series. I started in sixth grade and just finished in tenth grade. It’s not that I’m a slow reader but it’s that I would use them for book reports and I had other books to read.

I have just loved the series from the beginning. They are very captivating books and are full of mystery. There are still unanswered questions at the end of the series and that is what makes it great. Having those unanswered questions allows for readers to discuss what they think the answers are and that will keep the series alive even after it ended. Just like the question of what VFD is? It can mean many things and that’s what is great about it. Reading the series made me feel like I was a member and I was trying to figure everything out just like the Baudelaires.

So now that this series has come to an end I will have to start reading a new series. I want to ask you my readers to tell me a wonderful series that will feel the empty void I have since this series has ended. I also want to ask you what you think VFD is. I believe the true meaning is Volunteer Fire Department because of all the fires in the series, but it also means many different things. Just tell me your favorite meaning of it.


New Layout/Post Videos

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Okay, so I know you all think that you now know how to post videos. Well that was the old way. We now have special codes for posting videos. They  go as follows:

httpv://-for regular videos

httpvh://- for high quality videos

httpvhd://- for high definition videos such as DVD content

httpvp://- for playlists

You will just post the url to the video in the html editing spot and then add the appropriate letters used for that video. Then just add name and description. Of course you have to publish it but you should understand it. Now I would really like for one of you to try posting a video using these codes and if it doesn’t work just comment and we will figure something out.


Mythbusters Instant Convertible

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This is so epic! When you see it you will s**t brix!

Anthony’s Resurrection

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Ian succeeds in reviving dead Anthony–only thirty years later! And Anthony finds that things are just a little different in the future… including Ian’s shocking new marriage. Part 2 of a 2 part series.

What do you like in a website?

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We have said since the beginning of this year that we are gonna get a new, fresh layout.  Things just haven’t been working out. We can’t decide on what it should look like or anything. Mebibyte has been bugging me over and over about what I want from it. He also wanted to know what I wanted for the readers. I told him that I can’t read there mind so I decided to ask you. What do YOU want from this website? Just post your ideas in the comment box and we will consider all of them. We will take comments from anyone just so long as we have input of some type. Thank you for reading and please comment.