Old Laptop Plans

{ Posted on Mar 25 2009 by }
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I’ve had my current laptop for a while, and I’ve been thinking of a way to give it some new life. I currently have Xubuntu 8.04, which is an ubuntu distribution for low power computers. I am planning on upgrading Xubuntu to 8.10, their latest normal release, and then dual booting with windows 7.

I’m not sure if I will have enough storage space for both xubuntu and windows 7. The laptop is a Toshiba Satelite with a 25GB hard drive. Also, it has a really bad battery. It will go dead if you don’t have it plugged in. I really want to buy a new laptop, perhaps a netbook. The Touch Book and gScreen Corp both look like good laptops.

Do you have an older laptop? What do you do to keep it in top performance? Are you planning on getting a new laptop or computer? What are you thinking about getting? Leave a comment below.