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DrinkThisShow Updates?

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. We’ve been really busy for awhile, leaving us with little time to work on the site. Well, that should be ending soon. Work will begin soon on a redesign specifically made for us, and figuring out what we should be writing about. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed for future updates. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!


Drinkthisshow is now on Xbox Live

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Us here at drinkthisshow decided that we needed an Xbox Live account to keep up with the ways of the youth. The account name is simply “drinkthisshow”. Please add us and we will gladly accept. Unfortunately we do not have a gold subscription but don’t worry. We are simply using this for fun and may never use it to play online. Everyone that works at drinkthisshow will be allowed to use this account how they please. That is one of the reasons we will not be making it into a gold account. So just add us and look for all the games that we will be playing.


Mitch Hedburg: On The Edge from Dervy Gator

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This is my favorite comedian. I love the way he says the jokes and the tone of his voice. I just hate he had to go too soon.

Saints Row 2 Review (Xbox 360)

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I just got the game this past Thursday and I fell in love with it as soon as I started playing. The gameplay was just great especially with all the cheat codes. There are so many that you can use that do so many great things. You can have drunk pedestrians and cars that attack you just to name a few. You know what, screw this.

I really hate trying to sound fake for a review so here it goes. This game is very addicting. You start playing and before you know it has been a few hours since you started. There is mission after mission then if you can’t do one there are side missions. You can take on the chop shops, become a hit man, or even a policeman. Nevertheless there are many things to do in this game that will all be worth your while. Video games theses days are way worth your money. You pay $60 for this game and it will entertain you for at least a few months. Whereas you can go to a movie theater and pay $9, 5 if your lucky. What do you get for that? You just get an hour or two of entertainment then you have to burn your eyes out once you go outside into the bright sun. You following blog reader? Take my word, if you want a good time that will last for a long time buy this game. But if you are a college student that is a bit low on the money side make sure you put this game first on your list. It will beat anything else you could choose from. Well I’ll let you be on your way, I have to get back to taking some more cars to the chop shop. See you later.