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So as you should know, my brother loves to just sneeze and cough all over the place without covering his nose or mouth.

We went on vacation over the Christmas break and I had to sleep with him. He was coughing all night and it drove me crazy. The last night I started to get a sore throught and I knew it was starting. I acquired a minor cough then my nose started running.

I want to thank whoever made nasal spray. That stuff works like a charm. Just spray it in your nose and if you did it right then you should be good for the rest of the day. I was for the most part except when I stayed outside for awhile but when I went back inside it had stopped.

The bad thing is that once I get a cold it usually lasts around a month and Mebibyte could tell you the same for me. How many of you have bad colds that seem to last forever?