My Favorite iPod Touch Apps of 2008

{ Posted on Dec 28 2008 by }
Categories : Tech

I just got my iPod Touch for Christmas but I fell in love with it instantly. I had apps on it within the hour. So I’m gonna rundown my favorite apps of 2008.

5.  Flashlight- I don’t use it that often but when I do it is very useful. It has to be a standard to anyone who ever needs a light in a dark situation.

4.  Audi A4– It was a free game where you dive around a test driving course from overhead view. It’s quite fun once  you learn not to run into the cones.

3. Sol Free- It throws a different spin on the original Solitaire game with all these different types of games it has to choose from. They were weird to me at the beginning but after a hour of playing they became familiar. I’ve only won 1 game so I don’t play it that often.

2. iFart- It may cost something but it is just so fun to do! Some may call me immature but considering it’s the number 1 app on iTunes at the moment I think it’s pretty decent.

1. Tangram Pro- I have spent hours playing this game for the few days I’ve had it. It was a bit confusing at the beginning but after playing through all the levels I have learned the different positions and can finish them relatively fast.