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I Get 31 Miles to the Gallon!

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31 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection

Place where I took quiz

I was stumbling and I found this website. You take a quiz to see how many miles per gallon that your body would get. They ask you a few simple questions like how fast you can run a mile and how much you excercise. I don’t know if I got the best but I think that you should head on over there and take it for yourself. Comment back with your results and we’ll see who does the best. Can you beat me or am I better than all of you?

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Crazy Rube Goldberg Device

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This is flippin crazy! I think they beat what the Mythbusters were able to do.

Four Wheels of Failure!

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There went your new quad you spent all that money on!

NEW iPod Nano

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The new iPod Nano is like the second generation nano, except for the larger screen. This transition must have been an easy one, because there wasn’t much of a change. The new iPod’s storage capacity is from 6GB to 18GB, same as its predecessor, the iPod Nano 3. The oval-ish shape of this device is much more comfortable… mostly. The screen has been brought up to a much higher and better quality, and yes, you still can watch videos on it. To watch a video, however, you hold the iPod sideways, and if you don’t do this, your video is so small, it’s almost impossible to watch. The last, but best thing about the new iPod is that Apple gives you a much larger and brighter choice of colors. I look forward to owning one of these someday, and I hope you do, too.


Im Jacob

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Hi! My name is Jacob Skelton and im here to tell you more about me. I have known about this website ever since it started, but i have yet to be a part of it. So, here I am! Most of the stuff i’ll talk about when i blog is just stuff i feel like talking about. Stuff like games, news, technology, videos, pictures…etc. Well, I hope that you hope to be hearing from me very soon!


Sushi Cat

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Who needs cats who use forks when you can have a cat who eats sushi with Chop Stick-like paws! Japan FTW!

Apple Macbook Sucks

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This video shows all the wonderful cool things about a Mac but wait what is that. No firewire, that is why Mac fails.

Dog Fights Itself In a Mirror

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This dog just won’t stop fighting himself in a mirror.

PC vs. Mac

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Here it is from a Mac user saying that Macs suck. I have known it for years but there are still people that doen’t understand how much Macs suck. I hate having to use them at school because there is always a problem. The wireless internet won’t connect, applications will crash, and it won’t freakin read the files on my flash drive that I have to use for a project. That is all I have to say.

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What a Crazy Door

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This is the best door ever! I am totally going to get one for my house.