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I have been taking pictures for many years. They were with throw away cameras. Of course they were just pictures of places, things, and family. Then I got my own video/photo camera. I was also interested in making videos. So I used it for awhile until I got my own video camera. I still had to use the old combo or use a family member’s digital camera to take pictures. I got tired of how bad the combo pictures were and I wanted more features than a regular digital camera could do. This led to me getting a DSLR.

I had done my research and found a camera in my price range, a Canon 450D. It felt so good to be able to take clear, crisp pictures. But that wasn’t enough, I needed to be able to shoot far away objects. So I bought a telephoto lens. These lasted me for a couple years. Then I wanted a better video camera, but why get a separate camera. I decided to get a Canon Rebel T2i. It was the newest in the series at the time and was perfect for what I wanted(I just wish it could auto focus while filming). I have continued to use that to today.

Now you people reading this might suspect that I got these cameras because I wanted to become really good at photography. Nope. The main reason is because I wanted a picture that looked in focus and crisp. It didn’t really matter about the framing or the subject. I just wanted it to be clear. So most of my pictures are mediocre and are just of things and places for the purpose of remembering I was there. While it’s nice to have pictures of those things, I feel that I don’t really care about the content of the picture anymore. I can say, “cool, yea, I was totally in Chicago and I took a picture of this building”. But it just isn’t a good picture. Plus I’m not in the picture. What’s the point of having a picture of a place if you aren’t in it to show that you were actually there? I have had no photography classes and I’ve just picked up a few tips off the internet. But I have started to care about how pictures look and where the subject is in a picture. I mean, you can really just follow the simple rule of thirds. When I take pictures of family members by themselves with something in the background, I put them on one of the third lines. I also do a nice waist or chest up to center their head in the cross of the thirds. When I then ask them to take a picture of me, I’m in the center, you can see my feet, and the background is obstructed. I hate stuck up people that diss beginners for sucking, but most of my family members suck at framing. So whenever I’m on vacation, I’m always the one taking pictures and I rarely come back with pictures of myself. This is the same for nerd parties. I’m the guy with the camera. I take pictures of everyone else. Nobody takes picture of me. I try to give people my camera so that they can take pictures, but it rarely happens.

Anyway, the point isn’t about who takes good pictures and who takes pictures at all. The point of this post is to let you know that I will begin posting some pictures on this site. Now, who knows if they’ll be good. But I do try at times to take good pictures and maybe you’ll like some of them.

Till then,
Tyler Goss

Kerbal Space Program | Ep.1 | Setting up the International Sweet Tea Station

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After many failed attempts, I manage to launch a small space station into orbit.

Minecraft Shake

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Sweettea14 and Mebibyte do the Harlem Shake in Minecraft.

Scribblenauts Ep.1

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Tyler plays through the restaurant level.

Snack Time Ep. 1

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The snack today is White Fudge Covered Oreos. If you would like to suggest a snack, leave it in the comments. Remember to like and subscribe for more Snack Time episodes.


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Reflection is a 2D platformer with a unique twist created in just 48 hours for the Bacon Game Jam. The topic of the game jam was Reverse Perspective. After brainstorming for a few hours, we came up with the idea for Reflection.

Players control Clyde Ferguson, a Scottish adventurer, who has stumbled into a peculiar factory. These strange rooms are split in half by a barrier and the only way to get to the other side is to reflect yourself. Use your new power of reflection to grab the key and unlock the door to move one step closer to escaping the factory!
Title Screen

Download Demo or Purchase from Selllbox

Requires Java 7 to play.

AD/Left-Right Arrow Keys: Side Movement
WS/Up-Down Arrow Keys: Ladder Movement
E/Shift: Reflect
Space: Jump
W/Up Arrow Key: Enter Door (with key)

What if humans laid eggs?

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I was eating bacon and eggs this morning for breakfast. I started thinking about how an egg is basically an unfertilized chicken. Well what if humans laid eggs? Would it be acceptable to eat your own unfertilized egg? Could this solve world hunger?

Right now, there are people that eat the placenta their baby was in. So while most people don’t partake in that practice, it is still legal and sort of accepted. So what would be the difference of eating your unfertilized egg? We have to ask whether it would taste the same as a chicken egg. Maybe we wouldn’t like the taste of our own eggs. Either way, some people would and I imagine if we had been laying eggs forever, it would be acceptable to eat them, but most people wouldn’t. Imagine if human eggs did catch on. They would be really hard to farm considering females would lay one once a month. Now lets assume that when we started laying eggs, the menstrual cycle changed and we laid them as quick as chickens do. They would be easier to farm, but would still be really expensive to buy. Eating your own would cost nothing, but what if you could buy them at the grocery store or order them at a restaurant. I don’t think many woman would be up to giving their eggs away. But if they were to be paid exorbitant amounts, I’m sure a few would. Especially those with financial problems.

There are two issues with this. It could become a human rights issue. There are sperm banks, but people aren’t using that to be sold for consumption. So would you only have people donating or could it be people’s jobs. If it is someone’s job to produce eggs for human consumption, I’m sure there would be some sort of group against it. Probably feminists. This could cause all kinds of controversy and the whole process would probably be shut down. Issue two: would the quality of egg depend on living conditions of the person. I imagine a homeless person that wanted to donate her eggs might not have eggs that taste the same as a woman that eats healthy and lives a stress-less life. Of course without either of those issues, you would still have the FDA regulate the process, and we all know that women don’t like to be regulated by old men.

On the issue of solving world hunger, if women produced them as quickly as chickens, you might could give them to the hungry. Hungry women could produce their own, but that wouldn’t be enough for themselves or their families. So unless you had a majority of women donate their eggs to a small group of people, it wouldn’t solve world hunger.

Speaking of chickens, what happened to the days of most families having small farms to provide for themselves and to sell the excess to pay for other things?

Minecraft(Cookies, TNT)

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Farming Simulator Front Loader Glitch

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I was delivering wool and as soon as I drove into the rectangle, everything went haywire. Then my front loader disappeared.

Team Fortress 2 Episode 1

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Tyler, Zach, and Jacob of the Drink This Show team play TF2.